To celebrate Photoshop’s 25th anniversary, we created a film made entirely from Photoshop PSD files. The film was animated layer by layer utilizing existing art made by members of Behance (the Adobe-owned creative network) and images from famous movies, showing off the software’s contribution to the creative world in powerful and unexpected ways. Built around Aerosmith’s iconic song “Dream On,” the film is living proof that Photoshop is for more than retouching celebrity photos or creating fun Internet memes; it’s an amazing tool that helps countless artists bring their imaginations to life. The spot debuted on February 19th 2015 on YouTube and premiered during the Oscars and Mad Men Grand Finale to great fanfare, and it celebrated and inspired a whole new generation of digital artists to “dream on.”

Case Study

Some of the artwork curated from artists on Behance, Adobe's online community.